About History Harpy

Welcome to History Harpy! My name is Cassandra, and I am the founder of History Harpy. I am building a blog with my friend Natasha who is also a tremendous lover of history.

History Harpy is a place to learn about historical wars and other events that we will be writing about from various countries, be it the known wars and events, and ones that aren’t that well known. The people in them who had made an amazing difference. We will also be looking at a variety of food/dishes from each country… musicians, poets, writers, weapons that were used to fight in wars, and much more!

Humanity as a whole has evolved from these wars and the courageous acts of those who fought for what they believe in or to simply protect or expand, countries borders shifted, cultures coming together or growing apart and even food has had a form of impact.


​I mean, the Vikings used to engage in trades with merchants throughout Asia, Europe and also the Far East for spices among other items and produce.

The pastry that is used to make the delicious ‘Pastizzi’ from Malta is a Phyllo-like dough, and were has Phyllo (filo) pastry originated from? It is said that Phyllo pastry originated in the kitchens of Topkapi Palace in Turkey during the reign of the Ottoman Empire!

So join us on this wonderful journey through history!

Through the light and the dark, the pain and the passion, the joy and the sorrow, and the sheer determination of some of the people in these wars to protect their own and others!

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