With 16  locations being registered as world heritage sites, Japan speaks for itself when it comes to its beauty, culture, historical warfare and many other things. Wherever you turn there is a revered Buddhist temple, Shinto shrine, museums that have samurai armour and swords with artifacts from older times and some even offer samurai demonstrations.


This lovely archipelago gets its first appearance in history in a Chinese book titled the ‘Book of Han’. Japan went through many changes recorded with different time-line periods, starting from; the Paleolithic period before 14,000 BC when Japan first got inhibited, the Jomon period, Yayoi, Kofun, Asuka period and many more this was due to wars, invasions and emperors….human evolution through conflict.

In total Japan has well over 6,500 islands that make up the country, surrounded by the Pacific ocean, but even then Japan still has a marginal sea (very similar in a way to the Mediterranean Sea) that is closed in by Russia, North Korea, South Korea and Japan itself. It is knows as the Sea of Japan although there were various arguments about what the sea should be called that were based on historical maps brought from both North Korea, South Korea and also Japan. These arguments carried on for a long time and are undoubtedly still going on.

Japanese Castle

Japan consists of 47 districts and each one of these districts is managed by an chosen governor, parliament and administrative authority.  Currently Japan is undergoing some changes as they are merging many of the cities and towns with each other.



This is all to just give a brief outline about Japan. I am very excited to cover more about this amazing land, its people and going back to the Samurai, the way of the Bushido, heroic warriors like Nakano Takeko and her Joshitai, Torii Mototada, Tomoe Gozen in the battle of Yokotagawara, the tale of the 47 Ronin and many more!


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