….a continent that is bordered by two oceans and the Mediterranean sea, with fifty-six sovereign states of which six of those states have limited recognition.


It is said that the birth place of Western Civilization was in Italy and Ancient Greece.

Every country that makes this continent is full of rich history, with each excavation and land we discover we learn so much more about ourselves and our ancestors….from The Trundholm Sun Chariot in Denmark (c.1700 – 500 BC) to Jarlshof, being both a pre-historic site and also a Viking settlement site in the southern area of the Shetland Islands with more than 4000 years of human settlement in one place.

steel armour
Steel Armour


During such long periods of time, there has been a lot of conflict between countries, between men, and it is those conflicts that have shaped us to be the people that we are today. We have lost so much, but we also gained and that is why I believe that even though we should move forward, we should also look at our past…even the little stories, the smaller wars, to learn and improve ourselves.

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