A strong nation situated in Eastern Europe, it is the largest out of the Baltic states boasting of a population of 2,865,459. This country is full of beautiful architecture, sandy beaches, forestry and lakes, and to its west its coastline touches with the Baltic sea.

Lithuania’s largest city is its capital Vilnius, however during a time of conflict Kaunas became a temporary capital. The major religion in Lithuania is Roman Catholicism, about 79% of the country practice it. For a time Lithuania was took over by the USSR, however she was also the first nation out of the Soviet Republics to declare its independence.

hill-of-crosses-2003396_960_720This Eastern European nation is home to the Hill of Crosses. This is a symbolic excursion location where people go to pray and add their crosses to the hundreds, if not thousands that have been placed there before by other religious people.

There is so much more to this nation, she was a powerful medieval country and you still see that through her people and land. Through time I will be covering in detail historic wars, people and events from Lithuania, and if you wish to find out more keep a watchful eye on this space.

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