Atlantic Archipelago

atlantic archipelago horseshoe flags
Country flags of the Atlantic Archipelago

Situated to the northwestern coast of Europe is the Atlantic Archipelago surrounded by four seas, one channel and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Archipelago consists of the British Isles and Ireland, I chose to use the title ‘Atlantic Archipelago’ due to some Irish-English refrain from using the name of ‘British Isles’ as the term could be formulated to indicate maintained territorial claims or some form of political control over the Republic of Ireland by the United Kingdom. England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland as a whole have a rather colourful history with many great deeds accomplished by all of these countries and their people.

The term United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland & It is also a sovereign state just like the US & France.

Just to give you a brief history of the Atlantic Archipelago…the term ‘United Kingdom’ wasn’t used until 1801 as that was when Ireland was taken into the Union. There is a rather lengthy history that has made this arrangement of the UK and I shall go over it briefly.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

The first change was C.925 when the kingdom of England had established itself by consolidating all of the Anglo-Saxon tribes across what is now modern-day England.

The second change was in 1536 when a bill was put forward by King Henry VII and with this bill King Henry VII made England & Wales basically the same country to an extent & both are being governed by the same laws.

The third change was in 1707 when the kingdom of England & Wales gained the title of the Kingdom of Great Britain as that year, the kingdom of Scotland joined.

The fourth historic change came in 1801. Ireland joined the union & the name of the Isles changed from the Kingdom of Great Britain to the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland.

The fifth and final change came in 1921. An act came into accord, this act was known as ‘The Government of Ireland Act 1920’, of which this act came into effect on the 3rd of May in 1921. What this act had done was administer two individual self-governing parliaments one of which was for the six northeastern counties that formed Northern Ireland & another for the rest of Ireland. By doing so separated the south of Ireland from the north.

From January 1919 till July 1921 there was the Irish War of Independence. This war was between the Irish Republican Army (IRA) & the British forces that were based in Ireland at the time. In the Autumn of 1921 negotiations started between the two countries, and this had resulted in the Anglo-Irish treaty that was signed on the 8th of December, 1921.

Even after all of that, there was more conflict…..the Irish Civil war began not long after and it was finished in just over ten months.

This is just a quick brief on the history Atlantic Archipelago & will be looking more into it when it comes on its wars like the Battle of Hastings, The Norman & Viking Invasions, the Battle of Inverlochy, Kings, Queens & great leaders and deeds that were accomplished by many people throughout time.

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