North America

The third largest continent in the world…North America. A diverse continent at that with the fourth highest population globally with European influences more to the Northern area of the continent and with the Indigenous and African Influence to the Southern part of this magnificent continent.

North America

North America is made of various countries and to be exact it is made of 23 countries, this is of course without taking into consideration all of the dependent territories as well. In this blog, I will divide the countries accordingly. Some of the countries that make up the North American continent are considered as part of Central America, even though it is normally just the North and the South Continent, but due to how common the use of Central America is I will be putting countries like Haiti, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama in the Central American section under North America and so is the Caribbean.

All these countries that make up the North American continent have deep stories to tell about their history, the courageous acts of their people and religion. All of this shows you how evolution took place and changed the face of North America.

native indian
Native Indian oil painting by John Stanley

I will be covering the Native Indians, the Maroons, and of course battles that occurred  throughout the centuries like the Battle of Vertieres in Haiti, The American Revolution, The French revolutionary war, The Spanish-American war,  the Costa Rican civil war, Filibuster war, Mexican-American war, Creek war, the Texas revolution, War of 1812 and so many others, but I will also be looking at some of the heroes that hailed from these lands. The likes of Janjak Desalin who was also known as Jean Jacques Dessalines, Sgt. John Lincoln Clem, a sacred Native American man who goes by the name of Crazy Horse, Little Crow, Old Schonchin who was a Modoc chief and also a warrior, Juan Santamaria, General Benedict Arnold, Wild Bill Hickok and John Coken, but of course there are still more battles and heroes to cover but this…takes time, and as Alexis de Tocqueville once said ”history is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals but many copies”.

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