Brazil, the largest country in South America and the sixth largest country in the world. This Latin American nation was claimed for the Portuguese Empire in 1500 by Pedro Alvares Cabral as he was on his way to India but landed on the Brazilian coastline, and it is for that reason that Brazil’s language and culture has such a heavy influence from Portugal.

Dom Pedro I

Even though Brazil was under the rule of the Portuguese Empire in September of 1822, Brazil claimed it’s independence from Portugal due to the founder and first ruler of the Empire of Brazil…Dom Pedro I the prince regent who was also nicknamed as “The liberator”.

This beautiful nation is home to the majority of the Amazon rainforest, around 60% of it actually. The Amazon contains around one fifth of the planets fresh water supply and generating one third of the globes oxygen. Brazil accommodates expansive range of climate conditions crosswise a large field, although most of the country remains tropical and full of rich biodiversity and environment.

Some of the most well known places in Brazil that attract vast numbers of tourists are; The iconic Christ the redeemer statue atop a mountain, Sugarloaf  mountain that can be climbed, Paraty situated along Brazils green coast in the state of Rio De Janeiro, the Iguazu falls which is made of an array of glorious waterfalls that are situated on the Iguazu river that sits on both borders of Brazil and Argentina. I would highly recommend to visit these beautiful sites!

Rio De Janeiro

In this section of Brazil I will be covering a lot of battles and heroes like the Indigenous rebellion, the battles of Guararapes, Brazils war of independence, Cisplatine War Ragamuffin war, Platine war and heroes like Luis Alves De Lime e Silva who was the Duke of Caxias.

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